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July 25th, 2009

I need a hug. Or a billion!

Where to start? Well I know all of you know Matt and I haven't been doing that well. And well it as of yesterday it all came to a crashing mess. As of yesterday Matt told me that he thinks he needs some growing up to do and to become more self safishent without being tied down to a relationship. You know that would have been nicer to know 4 years ago. But you ask what this means right? I really can't tell you. At the moment I'm looking for different places to live. Is it forever? ^ months I don't know and Matt couldn't tell me. At the moment I'm couch surffing but I know I can't do that when school starts that's just not healthy. At hte moment I'm done crying. But i'm not sure how long that's going keep up. So that's what going on with me. How are the rest of you!?