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April 21st, 2009

Strumpet with a Parasol

Well the weather has been bright and sunny lately so I broke out my parasol and use it when i walk from class to class. I should be as shocked as I was when someone in one of my classes didn't even know what a parasol was. But I am an exercise science major and yes most of those people are athletes. I'm the phantom exercise science major, no one knows me. And everyone I talk to on campus  think I'm a history, literature, or English major. That's because of the company I keep.   

The other day a friend and I got into an argument over the word Strumpet. I love that word always have it's one of my favorite words next to Entropy. And she's going on and on about how it's not a "positive" word. And I am of the mind frame that a word is what you make it. But that's just me.  

Now does anyone have any suggestions on where to get a bright/popping red eyeshadow with not a lot of glitter? I mean I love my glitter but I need one with not a lot at the moment since MAC decided to get rid of Flammable *pout*   I did buy Artifact and I love it but when I was a RED what can I do? Any suggestions?

Sorry I had coffee this morning and I'm kinda hyper! I hope you al have a lovely evening!