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February 15th, 2009

Don't Ask Me I Just Work Here~

I'm not sure I've mentioned that I have a job type thing. Okay, last term I applied to work at the Service Request Desk here on campus. The Service Request Desk is part of the ITC, where they take problems with computers, on campus, and send a tech out to fix the problem. My brother is a tech, he's good at it. I can answer the phone and write down problems, not rocket science. Well I didn't get the job last term. Kinda sad but not heartbroken.

Then last month I got a phone call around the 14th asking if I still wanted the job at the SRD. Well M hasn't been getting many hours at work. And we can't live off him working 4-8 hours a week! So i jumped on the chance to get the job. So they told me to come in and talk to the supervisor the next day. So of course I did, where she talked to me and was trying to find what I'd be doing. It was made clear that I'd be working graveyard shift. That I'm okay with, I've done it before and it's not a huge deal for me. You might wonder what someone at a SRD would do between the house of midnight at seven thirty in the morning. Well, we listen for alarms, it's a glorified security guard job really.  Hey it gives me time to do homework right? I just have to listen for alarms.  I can do that. So I went in for training I did pretty well.

I think it was my first or second day of training, the supervisor told me that I'd be  working in the language lab. I even asked her what I would be doing in the language lab at that time? She looked at me and said homework. I was okay with that. 

The supervisor posted a schedule for the whole term online so I printed it off and posted it where M could see it. The next day the schedule was taken down and there hasn't been one reposted yet. I wasn't able to make my very first night at work because I had to go to Seattle where I got my Ilekes (that's another post).

So I showed up on my next day of work Feb 8th, nothing much went on. I stayed here and watched Hulu and played around on the internet. I clocked in and out like I was supposed to, but I haven't heard from the supervisor, so I just thought I was doing what I was supposed to because this is what I was told I'd be doing. The only thing I thought was annoying last week was that there was no restroom open close for me to use. So I had to go to the ITC building and ask them if I could use the restroom. But I wasn't too upset because going out in the chilly weather kept me more awake. And there was always someone to talk to in the ITC building for a bit. I could also boil some water for tea.

I come to work tonight and there are real students here I was shocked, but happy. So I got started doing what I do and the students asked if I could call public safety to come unlock the restrooms. I didn't think that was a huge request, and they came over and unlocked them. Until 3AM when someone from public safety came over and started asking questions like

"Are you really here from midnight till seven thirty?"  
Yup! That's what I was told.
Is that every day? I don't know I'm just here Sat and Sun
When did they start doing this? I'm not sure I just started here last week.

But I guess they aren't going to keep the restrooms unlocked until they hear something from someone else. Honestly that's fine for me but what about the other students that may come in? So after drinking a liter of water yeah I needed to use the restroom so I walked over the the ITC building to use the restroom and the person working at the SRD was talking with the guy from public safety and they asked me when and why they turned the language lab to 24 hours?

And all I could say is "don't ask me I just work here..."