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January 5th, 2009

Just Stuff

Ok today was the first dat of Winter term and I only want to punch one of my teachers. Of course it's a teacher for a class I NEED so it's not like I can drop it. Just because I'm going into get my degree in exercise science does that me the only career paths I can take it working with athletes from Middle School to College? Gods I hope not! What about those normal people that could use the help of someone with those skills? And of course Yoga and dance are just silly things that take no talent or effort! It's all about the athletes right? *rolls eyes*  

Maybe I'm just on edge because yesterday I was going to check my MySpace page to see if anything more was up about the Vampire Ball and in my mail box there was a message from my asshole of an ex. Now background on this guy, we left on very bad terms six years ago. In that time I've married an amazing man (no he's not perfect), last my first cat, last my gal-bladder, gotten two more sweet cats, got a guinea pig, dropped out of college, started going back to college and working towards a degree, started back dancing, gone to Costa Rice moved three times. You get the picture.  He ran into me with a few friends this summer talked to us for like five minutes then said he had to go to work.  He told my friends and me that he joined the Air Force and goes to TX in Aug 08.  That was the last I heard of him.

So yesterday I get a message from him first telling me that three days ago him and his girlfriend were abducted, she was tied up and forced to watch while he was gagged and beaten for an hour. By people he thought he was on good terms with, they told him that he needed to confess some sort of criminal activity against girls in his past and my name and number came up. And he just wanted to know if I had any involvement with this. Well this took me totally off gaurd showed the message to M.  Then told this guy that it's been six years since I've had anything to do with him. And if he things that I would have any involvement in a kidnapping and assault he really has no clue who I am. So he gets back to me saying that he never  assumed that I have any involvement. If he didn't think I had anything to do with it why get in touch with me? At first I thought it was a prank spam mail.

It all seems rather fishy because I know if I knew anyone that was abducted and beaten for an hour strait I'd tall them we're going to the hospital and the cops. And well I haven't had an police come to ask me anything. Plus he was so vague about everything and his story jumped around, he wouldn't tell me who did this and he said that the "charges" were not explained to him. 

It's put me on edge because I honestly want NOTHING to do with this ass. I mean I'm happily married to an amazing man who loves me supports me, who's never told me that when I was 125lbs right after we had sex tell me I'd look better if I'd stop eating cheese (yeah the ass LOVED to say that to me) . So I've blocked him on MySpace and made my profile private, printed out every message that went on between us and on file. It's just kinda creepy. Why after six years would he get in touch with me for anything? I just hate that I have no answers and I bet I never will. Any that annoys me. 

But in the past six years of all the things I've lost I think the things I miss the most are my cat and my gal-bladder. They both at least had purposes in this world.