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Yet Another Day

Yesterday I went to see Serenity for the Equality Now charity. It was pretty fun. It's been a while since I've seen the movie. I went with a small group of friends.

Today back at work. At least I know my replacement will be o time tonight, unlike last week.  I love the fack I can watch movies most of the time i'm here. At the moment Mirror Mask. Then The Mr is going to stop by before he heads to work himself. He was such a doll and took my brother to the airport today. My  brother will be in TX for 5 weeks at some Math thing. It's really cool that he's going. Work has been pretty good lately. I'm scheduled for 16 hours a week but I always end up working at leeast 20 if not more. Not that I mind really, just means more money to take to New Orleans. 

Speaking of New Orleans I'm looking for a nice fair priced hotel where I can stay a week. And suggestions?

Tonight I get to see my friend Jessica. I'm looking forward to that. She doesn't live that close anymore but between me working today til 7 and Matt working till 9:30 we won't get to smend that much rime with her sadly. But we'll get to see her. YAY.    

I've finally started goign back to the gym. That makes me eel good. Plus I have some friends and family members, once he's back from TX, that are going or are going to start going soon. That it cool because then I can go with them if Matt doesn't want to. But I'm goign to start putting him in gear to eat better and work otu more. He did start a Martial Arts class that week. So far he loves it.

My parents are heading to Disneyland so my mom can get in free on her birthday. So cute. All my famiy is off in every which way of the country and i'm here at work. Not a big deal though I'll get mine soon enuogh.

Going to a Belly dance preformance tomorrow with Aleta.Matt has his Martial Arts class so I get to have fun with the girls. Then lots of work. Between Matt's work schedule and mne we don't get to see a lot of one another. Makes me sad. So I've set aside two days a month that we can't do anything with anyone else. Those are our date nights! Matt's getting use to the idea but honestly I think it is for the best. This Thursday we are going to be dorks and see Aliens vs Monsters at the Pub Theatre in Salem.

But at the moment I'm getting hungry so I think It is time for lunch.
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