emunymph (emunymph) wrote,

People suck

At the oment I'm annoyed and hate people. I'm the "president" of the "Pagan club" on my schools campus. And when we started we got 20 people saying that they wanted to be part of the club. I have'nt met half of them, the other officers bailed on Matt and me winter term and every time I send out an email I can't tell if people get it or not because I hear NOTHING from anyone. It just makes me want to bash my head into a wall. Matt and I are working so hard but if no one comes out to help for what the club has planned for Halloween and Fall term I'm done and I quite. I have other things I can be putting my energy into. So if people don't start helping by 2010 there might not be a WOU Pagan Club and at this point I am okay with that.   

I'm just fed up with people all around really. Coworkers not picking up slack, club members not helping out. Do I sound like a whinny brat?
Tags: clubs, school
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