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Okay it's been a while so I think I should catch anyone up who cares.
Well I noticed that I haven't posted anything since the "swine flu" hit campus. There has been a lot going on since than. My husbands grandmother passed away in May. He went up to Washington to go to the memorial service.Sadly I had to work and I was not able to go there. I know Matt understood. But I still felt guilty that I was not able to be there for him. He's doing okay and so is the rest of his family. I didn't really know his grandmother that well. She was 29 and rather sick.

Since Matt and I been going to school Matt has not been working a lot, sadly it wasn't because of his school schedule it was because his manager was a jerk. More on that later. Since both of us are in school Matt and I can't afford to pay for the insurance that Borders offers. So since December I've been relying on the kindness of my Dr to give me free samples of my Lexapro. Sadly they were free samples I took them sparingly and not daily like I should have been. So after midterms I just started going into a downward spiral and stopped caring about everything. I started skipping more and more classes and sleeping longer and just not taking care of myself. In about the middle of May I got a letter from my Dr office saying that since I haven't seen my Dr in 6-12 months to talk about my Rx I need to, I thought it odd because I've been on Lexapr for 3 years but I made an apointment, because I wanted to ask my Dr if she could rewite my Rx for double the dose so I'd be paying $100 for two months of meds not just one. My Dr is made of awesome and win really. Because when I went in to see her, she told me that I really didn't need to come in and see her, she knows I've been on Lexapro for 3 1/2 years and it's been working for me so there was no reason for me to come in. So she wasn't going to bill me for the visit. So I did ask her if she would and could double me does, so not only did she double my does she put me on the closest thing that was a generic to Lexapro. So now I only pay $4 for two months of meds (woot) I also asked if she had any more samples because by that point I was a few weeks out of meds (bad me) so her nurse came in with 27 weeks worth of free samples. So I'm pretty covered with my meds for a while.
Sadly it came a little too late for spring terms grades but honestly shit happens and I feel better and more stable now the break will do me good at the moment I've need to focus on my dance and Yoga and work. 
I was able to pull myseld out of the funk to go see The Indigo bellydance company when they came through PDX. Oh it was to awesome. I gifted yeash dancer with two bottles of BPAL. Even before I gave Rachel Brice her perfume. She remembered me! Rachel Brice remembered who I was from last August!!! I was so giddy for a long time. She asked me how my yoga was coming then told me abuot 2 new DVDs that I should pick up and work on before I head down to Costa Rica this year. I just ordered them off amazon and they shuold be here on the 23rd. So that gives me plenty of time to start working on them. 
Work has been going okay. Sadly there are more emloyees than hours this summer. So my boss told everyone that before summer terms started. So everyone is needing more hours. So after the summer schedule was posted I offered the days that I'll be out of town, Costa Rica or New Orleans, up to trade with other coworkers. Since I know they are more than likley wanting days off so I thought it would be simple. After about two hours of my shifts being up for trade one of my coworker emails me personally saything that he would be more than happy to take all the shifts that I will be gone but I have to just give them to him because he's not willing to trade because he's workign less hours than he was during the school years. That's two weeks I'll be gone a total of 36 work hours. I can't just hand over hours like that. I emailed him saying that everyone is working less hours, our boss strted that. And I was deeply sorry because even though I am going out of town I just can hand over shifts. Lucky one of my friends offered to trade. Sadly he offered to trade me with graveyard shifts during finals week. 
So not only was I working right before one of my finals I had also come down with a nasty summer cold. It started with just a very bad sore throat, and body aches. But I still worked midnight to seven in the morning with a eight in the morning final. Oh that sucked balls. The next night I was supposed to pull a 13 hour shift. At 5am two hours before my shif ended I hasd to go hime and just sleep.
That was the start from the week from hell. eight days with no day off. I worked and this cold went from a sore throat to a hacking cough. I worked the day of graduation. I get to work at seven in the morning and the person I'm replacing was supposed to come back and replace me that aftrnoon. She asked me to stay an hour later. Well Matt was at work so I said sure! Will that hour turned into an hour and a half. And well me still being sick as a dog trapped in a tiny poorly ventalated room with like a ton of different computer stuff set up that I ned to watch and stuff, I started to puke. It gets hot and stuffy in here and mades me feel like crap, like it is right now. And my replacement wanted me to stay two hours longer. I just couldn't. I ended up calling in a coworker who is awesome came in an covered me so I could go home. That was Saturday I'd been working since Wednesday. My last day of work was supposed to me on Monday at 7am still sick. no longer puking, but still a hacking clogged cough..I was so happy about getting days off. I got home and slept. I woke up and got annoyed at Matt because since I'd been working nonstop and really sick I was hopping Matt would pick up the slack on the huose work that I couldn't do, sadly he didn't so we had a small fight. We talked abuot things and made up :) and to make me feel better he took me to a movie. We went to see Up, it was a great movie. I get home I pop some nyquil and was just abuot to turm my phone off so I can sleep and a coworker calls me almost in tears. Saying that she was up in Portland with her family and she got a call from the person who was working because she was late for work. So she called me to ask me to cover her shift. I grab a few movies and head into work. Luckly that night one of my friends came over and kept me company for my whole shifts. While on NyQul that night I accadently picked up a work shift for Tuesday night. When I finally rolled out of bed afternoon and look at my work schedules and realized that I was then suppled to work until sunday the 21 with no days off... WHAT? That means I would have worked from the 9th to the 21 with no days off. So I put that shift up for someone to take. But no one wanted it. I thought I was going crazy I get someone emailing me wanting to steal hours from me but they aren't willing to take hours that I'm freely given because I'm sick and need a day off? that's crazy! So I ened up writing a "nasty" note saying that I was over 40 hours this week I know there are people wanting more hours and yet no one's willing to take my hours even though I'm sick and need a day off? What the fuck!?!? Right after I sent the email the coworker I covred for the night before said that she was back in town and will take her shift back. I also gave up two more shifts because I don't want to be an hour hog but I do need to work a lot. But with my being sick I need rest. And since at home we can't open many windows because the cats keep pushing them out and we really don't want the cats to run awawy we keep the windows closed. So the bedroom reminds me of my work space a small stuff little space with NO  air circulation. It really sucks and makes me feel really sick. I haven't been able to get much rest. 
Now I am at work with 4 hours left then I'll go home turn on the fan take a shower and sleep! But at the moment I'm just watching Hulu tring to stay away, with two fans going trying to stay cool. I still have a cough. I've been coughing so much and so hard that mucles in my back and chest HURT.
So that's what's goign on with me. i'm feeling better just not 100%. I'm sleepy and want a shower. Just hang on 4 more hours. 

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