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Well the campus of Western Oregon U was closed from Thursday night until Tuesday moning. Because there was someone last week that was on campus showed mild flu like symptoms. I was sent hom,e from work early, andthere was no Beltane ritual because campus was closed. Sad. I mean the flu sucks I know but do i really need to make sure that all my doors are locked and wear a face mask while as work? Is it really the zombie apocalypse and they don't want us to know? If you live off campus you are supposed to stay away and if you live on campus you aren't supposed to leave. i'm so confused...    



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May. 2nd, 2009 07:38 pm (UTC)
Now that they know the flu is a mild deal, I don't see the reason for closures, but originally it did make sense. They were worried about it spreading to too many places so when round two came they were ready if it was deadly (they had good reason to think that of this one vs. others but it turned out it doesn't contain the gene they feared it had). Better safe than sorry really.
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