I need a hug. Or a billion!

Where to start? Well I know all of you know Matt and I haven't been doing that well. And well it as of yesterday it all came to a crashing mess. As of yesterday Matt told me that he thinks he needs some growing up to do and to become more self safishent without being tied down to a relationship. You know that would have been nicer to know 4 years ago. But you ask what this means right? I really can't tell you. At the moment I'm looking for different places to live. Is it forever? ^ months I don't know and Matt couldn't tell me. At the moment I'm couch surffing but I know I can't do that when school starts that's just not healthy. At hte moment I'm done crying. But i'm not sure how long that's going keep up. So that's what going on with me. How are the rest of you!?  
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Pretty things!

Well I've set a goal for myself 31 days of working out! I've done pretty good so far. I started on July 1 and even though the gym was closed yesterday I brought a yoga DVD to work and did that. So I was looking an eBay at work (which is a normal things) and I came across and I'm not sure what one I like better. So I was hopign for some help what do you all think?

Yet Another Day

Yesterday I went to see Serenity for the Equality Now charity. It was pretty fun. It's been a while since I've seen the movie. I went with a small group of friends.

Today back at work. At least I know my replacement will be o time tonight, unlike last week.  I love the fack I can watch movies most of the time i'm here. At the moment Mirror Mask. Then The Mr is going to stop by before he heads to work himself. He was such a doll and took my brother to the airport today. My  brother will be in TX for 5 weeks at some Math thing. It's really cool that he's going. Work has been pretty good lately. I'm scheduled for 16 hours a week but I always end up working at leeast 20 if not more. Not that I mind really, just means more money to take to New Orleans. 

Speaking of New Orleans I'm looking for a nice fair priced hotel where I can stay a week. And suggestions?

Tonight I get to see my friend Jessica. I'm looking forward to that. She doesn't live that close anymore but between me working today til 7 and Matt working till 9:30 we won't get to smend that much rime with her sadly. But we'll get to see her. YAY.    

I've finally started goign back to the gym. That makes me eel good. Plus I have some friends and family members, once he's back from TX, that are going or are going to start going soon. That it cool because then I can go with them if Matt doesn't want to. But I'm goign to start putting him in gear to eat better and work otu more. He did start a Martial Arts class that week. So far he loves it.

My parents are heading to Disneyland so my mom can get in free on her birthday. So cute. All my famiy is off in every which way of the country and i'm here at work. Not a big deal though I'll get mine soon enuogh.

Going to a Belly dance preformance tomorrow with Aleta.Matt has his Martial Arts class so I get to have fun with the girls. Then lots of work. Between Matt's work schedule and mne we don't get to see a lot of one another. Makes me sad. So I've set aside two days a month that we can't do anything with anyone else. Those are our date nights! Matt's getting use to the idea but honestly I think it is for the best. This Thursday we are going to be dorks and see Aliens vs Monsters at the Pub Theatre in Salem.

But at the moment I'm getting hungry so I think It is time for lunch.
Woman & the Sea


I just got my copy of Gothic Charm Schoo An Essential Guide for Goths and Those Who Love Them l in the mail from Amazon. I've had it ordered since December. And it couldn't come at a better time I just finished Graveyard Book so I was in need of a new book.
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People suck

At the oment I'm annoyed and hate people. I'm the "president" of the "Pagan club" on my schools campus. And when we started we got 20 people saying that they wanted to be part of the club. I have'nt met half of them, the other officers bailed on Matt and me winter term and every time I send out an email I can't tell if people get it or not because I hear NOTHING from anyone. It just makes me want to bash my head into a wall. Matt and I are working so hard but if no one comes out to help for what the club has planned for Halloween and Fall term I'm done and I quite. I have other things I can be putting my energy into. So if people don't start helping by 2010 there might not be a WOU Pagan Club and at this point I am okay with that.   

I'm just fed up with people all around really. Coworkers not picking up slack, club members not helping out. Do I sound like a whinny brat?


Well the campus of Western Oregon U was closed from Thursday night until Tuesday moning. Because there was someone last week that was on campus showed mild flu like symptoms. I was sent hom,e from work early, andthere was no Beltane ritual because campus was closed. Sad. I mean the flu sucks I know but do i really need to make sure that all my doors are locked and wear a face mask while as work? Is it really the zombie apocalypse and they don't want us to know? If you live off campus you are supposed to stay away and if you live on campus you aren't supposed to leave. i'm so confused...    
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Okay as some of you know my mother is kinda crazy. And sometimes not in the good way. It has gotten better since I've moved out, but that's because I don't have to be around her. Anyway I went out with my family on Tuesday for M's and my birthdays since they are only a week apart we just lump our birthdays together.

So since I'm in a nutrition class I've been rtying really hard to cut down on my fat intake. Which means I've been cutting a lot of cheese out of my diet, sad I know but it's something I need to do plus if I do it I hope to help lower M's cholesterol from leading by example. I knew we were going to go to Red Robin for dinner so I hopped on their wed site and played around with their nutrition guide. I was able to have a gardenburger minus the sauce but add real blue cheese and stay within my fat intake. After I ate me burger I was still a little hungry but I didn't want to eat hte fries that came with my burger so I asked my dear sweet M if I could munch on some of his noodles from the pasta he got. They were cheeseless I might add. So I'm eating the noodles and the next thing I know my mother smacks my arm and glares at me.

Of course I'm confused and over at my mom and tell her that they are just noodles, and she replies, that I'm not supposed to have "too many carbohydrates" Oh my this was priceless. I'm the one going to school to get my dergee in this and here she is lecturing me in what I should and shouldn't eat. So I tell her that no I'm not soopsed to inhale simple carbohydrates like candy bars, table sugar and stuff like that but out of the Macronutrients, carbohydrates are supposed to make up at least 65% of a normal persons food intake. And complex carbohydrates like, breads, cerals, NOODLES, vegatables, and stuff like that. And that the noodles were far better for me than fries.   The funny thing was in nutrition class that day we learned about culutres that eat carbohydrate rich diets vs people that don't because of where they live and other things. And even if you live in a place where you can't grow carbohydrates sadly people there still have and die of heart desise, high cholesterol. Human beings were made to run on carbohydrates. But yes complex ones. So I tell my mother this at dinner and she gets upset and looks so sad. I really didn't know what to do or say after that. Lucky for me the annoying singing started and they came out with an ice cream sundea, which I didn't even eat!  Okay I stole the cherry on top but that was it!

Bless my mother she is trying but her methods are confusing and a lot of times hurtful.